Bacolod-Sipalay 3D2N Adventure

  • March 23, 2019

Last year, I went home to the Philippines for a vacation trip. Every time I go back to my home country, I usually plan some out of town trip. I’m never the kind of person who can sit still in my house for a long period of time knowing I could be somewhere else beautiful.  That time, I went to the island of Negros, and drag my family with me to Bacolod. They were a happy victim by the way.

The Ruins, Bacolod City.

Going to BACOLOD

Since we live in Cebu, we have a couple of options going to Bacolod. We can take less than an hour flight from Cebu to Bacolod, or take the Bus. We ended up hopping on one of the bus going to Bacolod and enjoyed the long ride.

The trip took us almost 9 hours. Was it worth it? It depends I think. For me, it does. It’s cost effective, and if you enjoy road trips, this is as close as you get. Kidding aside, we opt for this option because it’s the cheapest and work well on our schedule. 

Lakawon Island : TawHai Floating Bar

As we arrived in Bacolod, we checked in to our Hotel and leave our bags. We then headed to Cadiz, where the port going to Lakawon island is situated. After registering ourselves at Cadiz port, we were on our way to Lakawon Island, where the biggest floating bar in Asia can be found—the TawHai Floating Bar. 

TawHai Floating Bar, Lakawon Island.

We spend the whole afternoon basking under the sun and sipping on our margaritas smoothies. The temperature is soaring, so smoothies won our hearts. But if you’re into beer or a strong gin, they probably have it on board. Hey, it’s the biggest floating BAR in Asia. Why would that be missing on their shelf? 

TawHai Floating Bar, Lakawon Island.

The Ruins

When went back to the mainland, and go back to our hotel and freshen up. We went to the Ruins and catch the last free tour of the building. We had the privilege to listen to the building’s rich and colourful history. 

The ruins, Bacolod City. Bacolod-Sipalay Adventure

Chicken House Restaurant

After travelling back to history at the Ruins, we headed our way to the Chicken House Restaurant. One of the famous restaurant in Bacolod. Locals insist your Bacolod trip wouldn’t be complete without eating at this restaurant. Curious enough what this restaurant can offer, we added it to our itinerary. What better ways to explore the local food than accepting local suggestions of where to eat. True enough, this restaurant served delicious barbecue chicken and the oil/sauce which made the locals and tourist keep coming back for more. 

Chicken house Restaurant. Bacolod-Sipalay Adventure

Campuestohan Highland Resort

If you have a child of your own, Campuestuhan Highland Resort is something you shouldn’t miss. I promise you, your child would love the place. Even your inner child will rejoice when you step on this wonderland on top of the mountain. They have a lot of activities for the family to share and kids to enjoy. And if your child prefers swimming, no need to freak out. They have 2 huge pools for your kids to choose from. If your little one prefers adventure, this place doesn’t run short of it. From zipline to challenging obstacle course, this resort has a lot to offer making it the best weekend getaway for families. 

Campuestohan Highland Resort. Bacolod City


When we came back to Bacolod City from Campuestohan Highland Resort, we headed directly to Sipalay town. Maybe some don’t know,  Sipalay hides a magnificent beauty. Or maybe it’s only me who doesn’t know about it. Anyway, I guess only a few knows about the beauty hidden in this quiet little town. I don’t see a lot of tourist around, and if I see a group of people, I can count them with my 10 fingers. 

Perth Paradise, Sipalay.

In a short time, we were able to roam around Sipalay and see what this town has to offer. I was amazed how this beauty has been hiding here all along, and that only a few has known about it. 

Beautiful Perth Paradise, Sipalay.

Our first stop was Perth Paradise. I was mesmerized by the beauty of this place. And when I flew my drone and saw how wonderful the view from above, I was speechless.  Don’t trust me? Check out this short clip I make from this trip.

Then we visit another beach coast that I forgot the name of,  because this trip was almost a year ago. And my procrastination has caught up with me, forcing me to throw this blog post at the side and waited almost a year to finally finish it.

We also stopped at this amazing spot where you hike on top of an islet, which is connected to the mainland by a wooden bridge. I planned to fly my drone there. Unfortunately, we saw a storm coming. It was nature’s way of saying I’m not allowed to fly my toy there. So off we went to our next stop.

Bacolod-Sipalay Adventure, DIY itinerary and expenses.

We waited for the rain to stop before heading to our next destination. Our driver suggested we should check out a cave on our way back to the town. So off we go. It was a small cave, it will probably take you about 10-15 mins to reach the end of it. And as you go far deeper to the cave, the air becomes thin and makes it a little bit harder to breathe. We didn’t manage to reach the end though. One of my companions started to get uneasy. So, for everyone’s safety, we turned back.

Cave in Sipalay

After the cave adventure, we went to our next destination—Sipalay Coastal beach. I was surprise there were only a handful of people in that long stretch of beautiful sand. Maybe, the locals have grown accustomed to it being around so they’re not keen at visiting that part of Sipalay. But, I might be I’m wrong. I heard from our tricycle driver that locals tend to flock this beach. Some even come out for surfing if the wind pick up and wave is huge. I would definitely love that—surfing. 

Sipalay Coastal Beach Bacolod-Sipalay Adventure, DIY itinerary and expenses.

We had our lunch at the near karenderia (local restaurant),  before heading back to our lodge. We still have the rest of the afternoon to prepare our things before going back home. From Sipalay, we hired a private van to take us back to Bacolod where we would take a bus going back to Cebu.  Basically, from 4pm that day til early morning the next day was spent travelling back to Cebu. But it was worth it. The sunset view going back to Bacolod was making the trip more unforgettable.


For all curious humans who love to know our itinerary and cost of this trip, below is our actual itinerary and expenses. Hope this helps you plan your own Bacolod-Sipalay adventure. 

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