Food Festival in the Netherlands

It was the start of summer when I visited Amsterdam. I guess I was lucky to have visited the place that time of the year. There were lots of festivals happening at that time. There was the opening of the famous Keukenhof Garden and my most favorite--- food festival.   I have never been to a food festival before. The Festival Trek in Nijmegen, Netherlands was my first. Although I always go out to try every street food from all the country I visit, a food festival has its own appeal.   In the Netherlands, when spring comes, it signals the start of a food feast, and it'll last until the end of summer. It's quite safe to assume that people in Netherlands love food. So, here's 2 food festival that happens yearly.   Festival TREK food festival   This food festival is composed of numbers of food trucks that trek around the Netherlands to fill city parks with tasty meals, live music, theatre, and overflowing talents & creativity. I'm glad I had the chance to experience it. I was overwhelmed by all the food truck I saw. I remember I insist to my friends to come to this Festival Trek, which is just a few minutes drive from their place. And I'm glad I insist it to them. It was such a great experience. If you want to check the schedule for Trek Festival, visit their official website here Festival TREK.   Rolling Kitchen   Here's another food festival happening during the holiday weekend around Ascension day in Amsterdam. A dozen Food-mobile come together in the Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam to create one big outdoor restaurant. There will be music, lots of amazing food and extremely fun experience. I wish I had the chance to visit it, but I did not. I guess I…

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