Dinan, a medieval town in France

Have you ever visited a real-life fairytale town? Ever wondered while watching those Disney films, if these towns do exist? I know I did, not only once. But each time I watch these movies. These Disney movies and fairytale stories had played a big role in my childhood days. I grew up with these movies. So when I went for a road trip to Europe with my friends, I found out that these fairytale towns do exist in real life. And one of these towns is Dinan, a Medieval town located in Brittany, Northwest France. During planning our road trip, I went through our route. Saw the laid out route on a google map and one by one checked out the towns for our stopovers, and the towns will be passing by. One by one I searched about these towns and unexpectedly discovered a hidden gem in each one of them. With this post, we will focus on the Old town of Dinan. When I searched about Dinan,  a bunch of photos pop-up. A photo of half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets, just like we usually saw in Disney films. I instantly fall in love with the town. Right there and then, I contact my friends and insist that we add Dinan to our stopover. I just can't let this opportunity to see a real-life fairytale town to pass. DINAN WALKING TOUR GUIDE Here are some spots in Dinan you should check-out on your next visit. 1| Tour Ste-Catherine To get a magnificent view of the town's viaduct and port, climb up to the top of a 16-m high tower. It'll be tiring, but the view from above is all worth it.   2| Saint Catherine Chapel A few walks away from Tour Ste-Catherine lies Saint Catherine Chapel.   3| Tour de I'Horloge The entire town of Dinan can be viewed from…

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Paris DIY walking tour

If you only have 1 day in Paris, what would you do?  I know a lot of people have been dreaming to visit the city of love, which include me. When institution I worked with sent me to Amsterdam to attend a conference, I extend my trip and planned a 10-day Europe road trip with my friends. Our first on the list was the Paris DIY Walking Tour. In our 10-day road trip around Europe, we only have one day to explore Paris, and I'm not sure how we're going to make it work. My friend who has recently visited the city said to me that you need 4 days to explore Paris. 3 days at most. But my friends who are living in the Netherlands assured me that a day would be enough. So I trusted what they said. Besides, they sure know better since they are living right next to France. Here's 10 places to see on your Paris walking tour:   1 | Hotel de Ville Here's my Paris DIY walking tour! We start off from Hotel de Ville, a striking 19th-century City Hall building with a wide area in front where you can witness random people show off their skills in dancing, singing, etc.   2| Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris Then we walked our way to the famous Notredame. We crossed the bridge of Pont d'Arcole to reach Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris, an iconic gothic church with a literary link. We wanted to go inside, but the queue was very long, and we don't have all day for that. So we move on with our walking tour. We crossed a couple of bridges, the Petit Pont and Pont Saint-Michel, and snap a few photos.   3 | Palais de Justice de Paris & Tour de l'Horloge du Palais de…

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