Bacolod-Sipalay 3D2N Adventure

Last year, I went home to the Philippines for a vacation trip. Every time I go back to my home country, I usually plan some out of town trip. I’m never the kind of person who can sit still in my house for a long period of time knowing I could be somewhere else beautiful.  That time, I went to the island of Negros, and drag my family with me to Bacolod. They were a happy victim by the way.   Going to BACOLOD Since we live in Cebu, we have a couple of options going to Bacolod. We can take less than an hour flight from Cebu to Bacolod, or take the Bus. We ended up hopping on one of the bus going to Bacolod and enjoyed the long ride. The trip took us almost 9 hours. Was it worth it? It depends I think. For me, it does. It’s cost effective, and if you enjoy road trips, this is as close as you get. Kidding aside, we opt for this option because it's the cheapest and work well on our schedule.    Lakawon Island : TawHai Floating Bar As we arrived in Bacolod, we checked in to our Hotel and leave our bags. We then headed to Cadiz, where the port going to Lakawon island is situated. After registering ourselves at Cadiz port, we were on our way to Lakawon Island, where the biggest floating bar in Asia can be found—the TawHai Floating Bar.    We spend the whole afternoon basking under the sun and sipping on our margaritas smoothies. The temperature is soaring, so smoothies won our hearts. But if you're into beer or a strong gin, they probably have it on board. Hey, it’s the biggest floating BAR in Asia. Why would that be missing on…

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