Food Festival in the Netherlands

  • October 3, 2018

Start of Summer in the Netherlands

It was the start of summer when I visited Amsterdam. I guess I was lucky to have visited the place that time of the year. There were lots of festivals happening at that time. There was the opening of the famous Keukenhof Garden and my most favorite— food festival.


Food Festival | Festival TREK

I have never been to a food festival before. The Festival Trek in Nijmegen, Netherlands was my first. Although I always go out to try every street food from all the country I visit, a food festival has its own appeal.


Festival Trek Food festival in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, when spring comes, it signals the start of a food feast, and it’ll last until the end of summer. It’s quite safe to assume that people in Netherlands love food. So, here’s 2 food festival that happens yearly.


Festival TREK food festival


This food festival is composed of numbers of food trucks that trek around the Netherlands to fill city parks with tasty meals, live music, theatre, and overflowing talents & creativity. I’m glad I had the chance to experience it. I was overwhelmed by all the food truck I saw. I remember I insist to my friends to come to this Festival Trek, which is just a few minutes drive from their place. And I’m glad I insist it to them. It was such a great experience. If you want to check the schedule for Trek Festival, visit their official website here Festival TREK.


Rolling Kitchen


Rolling Kitchen food festival
Photo from

Here’s another food festival happening during the holiday weekend around Ascension day in Amsterdam. A dozen Food-mobile come together in the Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam to create one big outdoor restaurant. There will be music, lots of amazing food and extremely fun experience. I wish I had the chance to visit it, but I did not. I guess I have to go back to the Netherlands at some other time. For more information about Rolling Kitchen check out their official website here >>> click here.


Food festival in the Netherlands



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  1. These photos are just beautiful 🙂 And who doesn’t like a food festival!? Such fun! I would love to experience this one day.

  2. I have been to Amsterdam few years ago but it was just too rush and only managed to visit some of the important monument and sites. I would very much love to know more about the rolling kitchen. Looking at the pictures, it seems so enjoyable to listen to music with good local food and enjoy the sunshine.

  3. Food festivals are my favorite! It’s great to expand you food horizons, feel happy about whatever you eat. When there are lost of people it’s even better! Also Netherlands is such a cool country, I really want to come back there!

  4. I have never tried to attend any food festivals but this sounds really a great one and it looks like a lot of fun.

  5. That looks like an amazing festival! I’m a big fan of fests. I love the vibrant feel and of course, the food. I”d love to see that in person one day.

  6. What an amazing food tour. I thought Dutch food is not a big deal but now i change my mind

  7. Food festivals are so much fun! I have been to a few in the states but never in another country. This looks like a lot of fun too and your pics are wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great photos’s, this looks like a fab food festival. I try to find local food festivals where ever i’m travelling too, its a great way to try out local dishes, Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love a good festival and you took some great pictures

  10. These festivals sound like a lot of fun! Glad you got your friends to go with you.

  11. I never really thought about going to Netherland before, it looks beautiful though. May need to add it to my want to do list.

  12. Wow this looks amazing and so delicious! This is right up my alley and something I would do in the Netherlands.

  13. I haven’t been to Amsterdam yet but I do love a good food festival!! They are such a great way to try a little bit of a lot of different foods! And I bet the Dutch have some great food 😀 This sounds like so much fun!

  14. food festivals can be a lot of fun! looks like you had a good time and had lots of stuff to try

  15. I love a good food festival! The vibe at this one looks awesome!

  16. This food festival looks incredibly delicious There is so much good food in the Netherlands. We need to go back and visit again soon.!

  17. I only wish I could go to this place someday. I love food festivals. This looks like a wonderful experience. I can feel the happy vibe of the place.

  18. Photos are gorgeous and what beats food festival, right? I would love to visit Netherlands. That looks like a lot of fun!

  19. Food festivals are always so much fun! That one looks like a real blast! What a great day spent outdoors!

  20. As a travelling foodie this looks amazing! It’s been years since I’ve been to Amsterdam and hope to visit again soon. May have to time it to try out this festival next year 🙂

  21. What an amazing food tour. I would love to do this one day! Thank you for sharing

  22. I love food festivals! Especially when they’re combined with live music and a relaxed atmosphere – this is something that is growing worldwide!

  23. Food festivals have always been point of attraction in any country.. Nice article

  24. I love a busy food festival. The food trucks, smell of food and a sunny day combine to make an amazing ambience.

  25. Food, festival, travel, and from the pictures it seems like great weather: perfect vacation!
    When I travel, discovering local food is a must !

  26. Wow it looks like so much fun! I never got a chance to visit the Netherlands during my last trip to Europe, I definitely want to make it a stop the next time I go over!

  27. This look like an amazing food festival. Netherlands has always been in my radar. Would love to visit it someday for it’s architecture and varied food habits.

  28. Ahhh I would love to attend this! I love the Netherlands and the food was so good!

  29. This looks like so much fun! I loved all the food in Amsterdam and this looks like a great way to try a bunch of stuff!

  30. I’ve never been to the Netherlands but have always wanted to! Now I really want to go AND I’m hungry! Lol

  31. I love food festivals. Brings out tastes you may not otherwise try. What a fun time in the Netherlands. Hope you got some good eats.

  32. Sounds like a lot of fun! And the best part is that it is so much more than food 🙂

  33. I absolutely love food festival! Tasting many different food and meeting new people is always a great experience! Thanks for sharing !

  34. I love the food festival as it is the best place to have the taste of different cuisines. thanks for sharing. 🙂

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