Hiking Rochers de Naye in Switzerland

  • September 20, 2018

hiking rochers de naye in SwitzerlandHiking is one of my favorite outdoor adventures. I started hiking when I was just in college. Since the day a friend invited me on a day hike, I’ve fallen in love with the outdoors. Never did I thought, one of my dreams of hiking a swiss alps mountain would come true during our 10-day Europe road trip. I was happy when I found out that Switzerland is on our list. Even more ecstatic when I learned that we have set aside one day for hiking Rochers de Naye, a mountain of the Swiss Alps overlooking Lake Geneva.


How to get there

Hiking rochers de naye via Veytaux Switzerland
Photo by Google Map

Rochers de Naye has an altitude of 2,042 meters above sea level. It is located near Montreux, Switzerland. There are two ways of reaching the summit of Rochers de Naye. One is the easiest but most expensive, the other is cheaper but need more of your energy. You can either jump into a train from Montreux station and pay 70CHF or just park your car in Veytaux and take a 1 to 2-hour hike to the peak. Since we are on a budget for this trip, we opt for the cheaper option– hiking. Click here to see the route on Google Map.


Accommodation near Rochers de Naye

Bella Tolla Campsite, Sustens SwitzerlandIt was the start of summer in Switzerland when we hiked Rochers de Naye. The weather was warm with a slight cool breeze. We stayed in one of the cabins in Bella Tola campsite located in Susten, Switzerland. It was an hour drive to Vaud, where our jump-off point for the hike is located.  I was glad my friends had booked our accommodation at Bella Tola campsite because the place was perfect. Bella Tola is situated in the Susten mountain with a great view of Swiss Alps nearby.


The Hike to Rochers de Naye

We left our Cabin after having our breakfast. You don’t need to worry about parking space when you get there. There is a parking space at the jump-off point where you can park your car for free. After parking our car, we grab some snacks and water to bring on our hike, and off we go.


view of Lake Geneva from Rochers de NayeWe started nice and slow, enjoying the breeze and the view around us. I was mesmerized by the beauty around me. Everywhere I turned my head, all I can see are God’s beautiful creation. I couldn’t believe that these view which I only saw in travel magazine are in front of me, the Geneva lake surrounded by swiss alps mountain and pine trees. It was so beautiful.


looking at Lake GenevaAs we hiked our way to the summit of Rochers de Naye, we stop from time to time. Take a bunch of photos and grab some snack bars while enjoying the view in front of us. I saw some melting snow along the way and stopped to touch them. If you came from Asia, then you would understand how I feel about snow. We don’t experience snow in the Philippines, so we kind of love snow when we see one, even if it’s melting.

The Summit

View from Rochers de Naye SummitIt was an amazing view of the summit that greeted us. And there was a lot of melting snow by the way, so I’m super ecstatic. We took a bunch of photos from every angle you can imagine. And then, we decided to sit still for a few minutes to marvel over the beauty in front of us. From where we sit, we could hear the last train blowing its horn, signaling that it will start its journey going down the mountain.


Hiking back to our Car from Rochers de NayeIt was when we felt the air getting colder that we decided to hike back to our car. The sky started to dim. We hiked our way to our jump off point. It took us an hour to arrived at the parking, with a few minutes stop along the way. It was already sunset when we left the jump-off point and arrived safely in our cabin just in time for dinner.


Hiking back to jump-off point from Rochers de NayeSwitzerland is known for its beautiful Swiss Alps mountains. I never thought I could hike one of these mountains and I felt so overwhelmed by the experience. It was just a short and easy hike. Anyone can do it, but I strongly advise to do some stair climbing exercise a few days before the hike, and stretching exercise before you start your hike. These exercises will help you build stamina during the hike and minimize body sores after the hike. I guarantee you your body will thank you for it.

I hope this blog post will help you plan your hike to Rochers de Naye. If you have any questions regarding the hike, feel free to leave it in the comment section below. I would do my best to address your concern and answer your questions.

Til next adventure!


Hiking Rochers de Naye in Switzerland

hiking rochers de naye Switzerland








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